The 16th Annual
Centralia Campout
The Campout is usually scheduled to start on
the second Sunday in August and run until the
third Sunday. However, last year, we added
an early bird option for Saturday,
and a hangers-on-Monday option to stay
over another night at the end on Sunday night.
Those changes were well received so we're
offering the options again this year!
Mark your calendars right now and
go ask your boss for the time off right away!
The dates, including the extra days, are:
August 11-20, 2018
Video credit: John Walkenbach
The 2015 Photos are courtesy of Melissa Takush!

2011 Photos are ready for viewing. Check 'em out!

The 2010 photos are still available here!
Also, check out the videos at the bottom of this page!

Yeeehaw!! Look at all that room!

Welcome to the Centralia Campout homepage!  Imagine warm summer days,
a beautiful river front setting while jamming all day long for more than a whole week!  There won't be any contests, stages, performers, or schedules to keep track of.  This is a relaxed event for musicians who like lots of jamming and hanging out with friends old and new.  Spontaneous, participant organized activities, such as a cocktail party, a square dance (yes, I built a dance floor!), a birthday party, a cornfeed or a hamburger and bacon feed, could occur at any moment.  If you enjoy Stickerville at Weiser, you'll like this event too!  We even have showers!  Speaking of showers, the Perseid meteor showers will occur during the campout, peaking on the night of the 12th and morning of the 13th. This year, a waning gibbous moon may hinder a good view of the meteor shower...

We're easy to find.  We're located half-way between Portland and Seattle on I-5 in Centralia, Washington at exit 82.  Click here for directions.  If you live in Portland or Seattle or even California and want to take the train here, I'll shuttle you to and from the station.

The picture above is of the east meadow - a quieter, spot favored by those wanting a little peace from all the hub-bub.  The picture to the right is of the west side meadow.

The weather is usually warm and dry this time of year, but come prepared for anything!  Gather up your friends and family and come on down for 9 days of relaxation, fun and music!

This looks like a good spot for a jam!
Don't forget your swimming suit and river shoes!

An upstream view from the swimming hole.

Here are some happy campers enjoying the swimming hole.  It has a rocky river bed so don't forget to bring your river shoes to protect your feet!

(2017 Note) We had the best turnout ever and anticipate an even better 2018!  Click here to see a few images of the 2011 COTMC.

If it gets too hot, here's the remedy!

Camping pass prices:
(same as the past five years!)

$80.00 per person for the week!

$20 per person per day!

Children 11 and under are free!

Day passes are $10 per person. (Does not include camping)

Early bird passes for Saturday, the 11th, are $20 per person

Hangers-on-Sunday night passes, the 20th, are $20 per person

Please Note...The above are CASH prices. Payment by check, credit card, and PayPal are 10% more ($88, $22, and $11).

Changes started in 2016 that will continue in 2018 include:

There will be ice for sale.

There will be a taco truck.

The Campout Café will offer coffee and donuts every morning at the gate.

There is a special price for Q-jammers and dance attendees...$5 for the evening.

I gratefully accept your monetary gifts in an attempt to recover my expenses such as pasture rent, insurance, flush toilets!, garbage collection, extension of city water to the site, a shower house, maintainence to the shower house and toilets, tractor fuel, mowing the field, featured artists, the dance floor, etc.  Of course, if you can afford more than $80, that would be welcomed too!  Your generous support is greatly appreciated and is what enables us to do this year after year.  Drinking water is available in the camping area as are showers that are available 24 hours a day.  There is ample room for your tent or RV.  There are no RV hookups and GENERATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Bring solar panels or a larger battery bank to keep you in the juice.  And for you non-camping types, there are a few
motels and B&B's in town.  For directions to the camp, click here and print them out. To register, print this registration form, fill it out, attach your check made payable to Ray Leach, and snail-mail it to:

Ray Leach
815 W. 6th St.
Centralia, WA 98531

If you want to register electronically, and have scanning capabilities, you may print
out this registration form, fill it out, scan it, email it to me as an attachment, and pay with PayPal below.

Phone: 360-269-8833 for questions or if you need more information.

Help us continue to put on this event by donating as much as you can!
Your online donation to CENTRALIA CAMPOUT will be processed by
PayPal, the most widely used and secure internet payment source available.
It's quick and easy.  Simply click on the button below.
(To save 10%, pay cash when you arrive!).

Choose the Number of Campers
Enter email address and cell #

Click here to register for the 2018 Campout
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  • Remember to Bring

    • Flashlight
    • Earplugs (but only if you plan on sleeping!)
    • Tent
    • Tarps
    • Warm sleeping bag
    • Shade/rain canopy
    • Cooler
    • Propane fire pit
    • Extra propane for the fire pit
    • Warm clothes for cool weather
    • Cool clothes for warm weather
    • Rain gear (it's best to be prepared!)
    • Swim suit
    • Towel
    • River shoes (Please don't get into the river without them!)
    • Musical instruments
    • Recording device
    • Extra batteries
    • Camping gear
    • Cooking gear
    • Cash to get in cheaper!
    • Extra cash for the taco truck, coffee and donuts, beer on tap, and ice!

    I've had to lay down some rules to help make everyone's stay a little nicer!

    You will be issued a festival wristband when you first arrive.
    If you leave the grounds, you must show your wristband
    to the gate attendant when you re-enter the campground.
    It's the only way to know if you've registered or not.

    Bring a propane firepit if you want a campfire.
    No wood or charcol fires will be allowed!

    Dogs are welcome, as lon as they stay in your camp and be tethered at all times!

    The reason for tethering is that some people don't like dogs and some are
    extremely fearful of them. They poo when you're not looking and mark camper's gear!
    They get into other peoples food and fight with other dogs.
    If you don't like this policy, leave your pooch at a boarding facility or at home. There is a dog park at Borst Park.
    Always pick up after your dog!
    (Do I really have to mention this!?)
    I suggest that, anytime you see a pile of dog doo, you pick it up!
    It's just good PR for all the rest of the campers...THANKS!
    If you need to charge your batteries,
    talk to me and we'll figure something out.

    Click here to see Centralia Old Time Music Campout listing on

    What is this Old-Time Music?
    Mark Olson - 'Indians Over the Hill'

    Allegra Ziffle and Matt Novak

    Barnum Jack - 'Parted by the Riverside'

    Oliver Abrahamson - 'Jack of Diamonds'

    Jim Newberry - 'Brushy Fork of Johns Creek'

    Mark Olson - 'Grigsby's Hornpipe'

    Lee Birch, Hank Bradley and friends

    Maggie and friends - 'Goodbye Liza Jane'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    Maggie and her band plays 'Sandy Boy's

    River jam at the 2008 Centralia Campout

    Glimpses of the 2008 cotmc

    River jam at the 2008 cotmc playing 'Twin Sisters'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    "Rochester Schottiche"

    Centralia Campout 2008

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'Pretty Polly'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'The Girl Behind the Bar'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'Red Prairie Dawn'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'New Five Cent Piece'

    Centralia Campout 2008

    Centralia Campout 2008

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'Sally Ann'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'Marthy Won't You Drink Some Good Ol' Cider'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'Rickett's Hornpipe'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'Half Past Four'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'Twin Sisters'

    Centralia Campout 2008
    'The Little Drunken Man'

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